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Arpan is an award-winning organisation working hard to address the issue of Child Sexual Abuse in India. Based in Mumbai, Arpan is the largest NGO in India addressing this issue with over 120 professionals providing prevention and intervention services to children and adults. Legal Crew Society, had an online session with the organisation discussing the legal perspective of Child Sexual Abuse in India. Urmi Chudgar, who is the Director of Arpan gave the members of the legal crew society insight into the legal procedures followed during the trials .She also covered various policies that are made by the government that affect both positively and negatively to the victim and the accused.At the end of the session, she asked half of us to think from the perspective of the victim and the rest of us to think from the perspective of the accused. She asked each one of our input and what would affect us. This activity made all the members realise that while thinking about the legality concerned one should think both from heart and mind.


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