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Roshni Society

Finding Inspiration in Every Turn

Roshni Society works in collaboration with Special Olympics Bharat to promote inclusiveness. Roshni Society and Ananth Center have been made unified schools, and they have been working together to promote inclusion for the past year and a half.


Annual Report

The school hosted students from the Ananth Center for an offline sports event where students of the Roshni Society and the Ananth Center played unified bowling pins and Bocce together. The teacher in charge, Ms. Puja Dewan, and the society president, Muskaan Sabharwal, attended the Special Olympics Bharat Youth Leadership Summit 2022, where they shared all of the events they organised in the past year and participated in activities that emphasised inclusive leadership. Our school was awarded the Championship award by Special Olympics Bharat at this very summit, recognising the numerous unified events held by the Roshni Society of the school with the Ananth Center throughout last year and this year. This award was given to the school out of all the other schools in Delhi. To earn this award, the students of the Roshni Society held various unified events such as Earth Day, Kargil Diwas, and Cricket Eve.


A Visit to Ananth Centre


Christmas Celebrations

Meet The Team

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