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Emerald Art 

The Emerald Art Society aims to provide a safe space and community for young artistic minds where skys the limit. Their motto is “Here we don’t take a photograph, we create it!” It has helped students bring forward artistic talent through workshops, competitions and events under the guidance of Ms. Anju Jetly, the teacher in charge with the help and support of the society presidents, Harshita Manocha and Sindhushree Chowdhury.

Annual Report

The students brighten up all corners of the school with their imaginative talent. Whether it be adding the spark of creativity to the tons of events hosted by the school or props for the biennial production, the society always delivers. Under education with art, the students of the society painted protractors in the classrooms of classes IV and V, they also painted the layers


Offline Sessions 

A number of offline sessions have been hosted for the society students in school on a myriad  of topics and art styles, modern and abstract art, folk art, mandalas, sketching to name a few. During vacations, online sessions on anime art style and journal art were hosted for the students with guest experts Ms. Isha Kaushik and Ms. Soumya Sinha respectively.

Field Trips 

The society believes in providing hands-on, practical experiences to the society students through educational field trips and competitions. They were taken on an educational field trip to the Craft Week at NSIC grounds, Okhla where they interacted with artists from all over India. Students competed in ‘CARTOONED’, a intra-school cartooning competition. The society hopes to continue to inspire confidence in young artists and in their talents.

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Meet The Team

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