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“Where words fail, music speaks.” Music is an integral part of everyones life, all of us are associated with music directly or indirectly. Music helps portray and outline the expressions and emotions that words fail to convey. Sargam, the music society enables you to cherish this bond with music and provide more exposure and experience to excell in this field. This year we initiated the idea of making way musical talents in the school. We conducted solo, duet and group performances by the students interested to showcase during the recess. It gave the young musicians an audience, had musical students in the school to be appreciated for their capabilities.

Rustic Rhythms- IX

West Bengal is renowned for its rich art and culture as well as the intellectual aura of its people.  Music, more than being an art, is a passion for Bengalis. The Folk songs of Bengal have acquired a global character because of their enchanting melody and simple philosophy of life. The folk music has great variety, with songs being composed on the culture, festivals, views of life, natural beauty, rivers, rural and riverine life. The culture and the lifestyle of the different tribes have also influenced it’s folk music. 

In this episode of Rustic Rhythms, the Sargam Society is presenting a famous folk song of the tribals, the Jhumoor song – ‘Kalo Jole Kuchlo Tale’, which talks about the harvest season of West Bengal.

Rustic Rhythms - X

Sargam Society has endeavoured to take you through the musical tour of India in its series “Rustic Rhythms”. Their last episode of the series gives you a taste of  the folk music of Assam.

Assam, the north-eastern state of India, situated on the littoral of the mighty river Brahmaputra, is home to diverse ethnic groups and cultures. This diversity has contributed immensely to its musical gamut. Assam is known for its rich culture and its richness can be very well noticed in its different types of folk music.The festival of Bihu is the heart and soul of Assamese culture and Bihu geet are the songs sung during this festival. The carnival of life is expressed through Bihu songs of geets, which are filled with deep meaning.

“Ke tokae baandhi delaai” is a true-to-its-roots Assamese Jhumoor song and will take you on a journey to the beautiful tea gardens of Assam. Click on the  below to enjoy the song

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